This adventure begins on a sunny Tuesday in 2003 on the banks of the Amazon River. With their clothes torn to shreds, almost totally out of breath, but showing great pride on their very tired faces, Wild Ruben and Crazy Moises begin to recover from “The Wildest Experience on the Planet “ :the crossing of a river packed with wild red pirañas.

This very dangerous activity , practiced until now only by the local natives, is an ancient ritual which has been passed on from generation to generation, becoming a rite of passage into adulthood, has not yet performed by any human in the modern world; that is, until Wild Ruben and Crazy Moises took on the challenge.

Wild Ruben and Crazy Moises took up this challenge after consuming buckets of adrenaline in quantities never seen before in the world of sports. This experience led them to confront face to face the danger of pirañas and their very sharp killer teeth. Wild Ruben and Crazy Moises could not believe that these small fish could do so much damage with their small razor like teeth. It was here, while crossing the Amazon River and being confronted with these hungry pirañas all around them, that they came to realize what the words courage and bravery really mean!

A year later, in memory of this unforgettable adventure, they decided to hang their hammocks on a Paradise island in the beautiful Caribbean , enjoying palm trees and beautiful women. The Piraña Joe clothing ,accessory and souvenir line reminds us of what it means to be dressed up and ready for adventure. The whole Piraña Joe Line evokes images of when Wild Ruben and Crazy Moises were finally able to get out of the wáter after having shared together "The Wildest Experience on the Planet".

So remember, you are prepared for whatever luck throws your way.

You are indestructuctible and ready for your own wild experience!!!

Good luck!!!!

I enjoy Piraña Joe's clothesline very much, My kids love their shirts...
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